Wednesday, 10 July 2013

From little acorns...

Happy birthday, ABBA!

Some of the History Girls
And thank you, not only for being so lovely and so various, but also for being the springboard for other equally delightful group blogs. Just over two years ago, Mary Hoffman started the History Girls blog on a very similar model. Many of its founder members were, like Mary, from the Scattered Authors'Society, and all are writers of historical fiction. It's gone from strength to strength, with guest spots from such luminaries as Kevin Crossley-Holland and - wait for it - Hilary Mantel!

And there's the hugely successful Authors Electric, which grew from an idea originated by Susan Price and Katherine Roberts, also Scattered Authors (though many of its members are not). This was a response to the growth of ebookery, and now has over a 1000 followers.

Then there's Picture Book Den, where writers and illustrators of picture books share some of their knowledge, experience and ideas - many fascinating insights to be found over there!

And finally, of course, there's the sister site - ABBA Reviews, with a new review up every few days.

So many splendid offspring - you must be very proud! With fondest birthday wishes,

Sue Purkiss

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Linda Strachan said...

It's lovely that ABBA has had so many interesting offspring and so different, too.
For a time we also had Crime Central
which has taken a break for a while but may return...
There are some fascinating thoughts on crime writing, and great guest posts.