Sunday, 23 June 2013

Ten Reasons To Be A Writer - Lynne Garner

I recently read a blog post by author Matt Haig giving 10 reasons not to be a writer. Some of the reasons I admit I agree with, these include:

Number one:
They have bad backs.

Number four:
Financial uncertainty. Writers don't get fixed wages.

Number seven:
Dan Brown, Dan Brown ... 

Although as a children's writer mine are The Hungry Caterpillar and The Gruffalo - don't get me wrong I love these books but please book shop managers there are other good kids books out there.     

However writing for a living (who am I kidding, I refer you back to number four) does have a  lot of positives. So here are my ten reasons to be a writer:

Just two of my friends, Dog and Boris 
I get to create my own friends. Although they only live in my head I can have fun with them, laugh with them, cry with them. I was there at their 'birth' and just when I think they've grown up and left they pop back for a visit and insist on telling me a new story.

As a writer I get to share my imaginary friends with family, my real world friends and even people I'll never meet.

I can legitimately sit on a park bench musing, cogitating and pondering and call it work.

Family and friends are always eager to share amusing anecdotes with me and often will add "you can use that in your next book." And I have!

Writing is the cheapest form of therapy I know. When I'm mad I write, when I'm sad I write, when I'm happy I write and when I'm done for the day I feel better - even if what I've written will never be used.

As a writer I get to play. Play with ideas, the lives of my characters and with words.

I can get your own back on someone by 'hiding' them in plain sight. They may never know but that doesn't matter - I refer you back to point five.
Tasha enjoying a game of ball

I can sit and work in my dressing gown until noon and not feel guilty because if I leave my keyboard I'll 'ruin the flow.'

I'm never stuck in a traffic jam or have to de-ice the car. The most treacherous part of my journey is stepping over the dog as she sleeps.

I get to plan my day. If I want to take Tuesday afternoon off to take advantage of 'cheap Tuesday' at the cinema I can. If I'm not working to a tight deadline I can take the dog for an extra long walk on a gorgeous sunny day and play ball. I can simply make up those hours later in the week when I chose to.  

So that's my ten reasons to be a writer. Do you have any to add to the pot?

Lynne Garner


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JO said...

I write because I can't imagine life without writing.

Penny Dolan said...

Because I can write the scenes I want better than I can paint/draw the scenes I want? And the words are easier to correct . . and the repeated edits don't wear away the screen like eraser marks do the paper .

Because I can "play" all the parts, not just the third tree in the background?

Because it's nice to be making

Because you can think up the exact words first, before anyone hears the idea or story?