Tuesday, 10 July 2012

6 - Nicola Morgan on supermarket book sales

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A constant complaint from many authors is that the whole business of publishing and selling books has become so, well, commercial.

Our sixth most viewed post of the last four years is Nicola's funny, incisive, and - needless to say - crabbit look at her local branch of the Chain Bookseller of the Year, including a visit to its bacon aisle.

Books, bacon and chain bookseller of the year - by Nicola Morgan

As a bonus, the extensive comments section includes a debate between Nicola and publisher Kate Wilson of Nosy Crow, with inactive URLS to further thoughts from both of them, which for your convenience I present in active form here:
Kate's reply to Nicola's blogpost
Another thought or two from Nicola

Number 5 will be here in an hour!


Nicola Morgan said...

There was a follow-up to this. My publisher was contacted that day by Sainsbury's "Head of Entertainment", saying that they wanted a word with me. I will be blogging about the complete and utter pointlessness of what ensued later.

John Dougherty said...

I am SO looking forward to that!