Friday, 26 August 2011

Of Yurts, mud and wellies - Nicola Morgan

I'm cheating a bit with this blog post, I'm afraid. Many of you know some of the things that are busifying me at the moment and I'm really struggling to keep up so I hope you won't mind my bringing you a link to a post I wrote recently for the Guardian books blog during the Edinburgh International Book Festival, which the Guardian now sponsors.

Even that post was a teeny bit cheaty, as I've blogged on ABBA about the gloriousness of the Yurt once before. But the Yurt is magically glorious and magical gloriousness deserves an audience.

However, not everything about the EIBF is magically glorious. But they give us due warning.

Which is very necessary when you see this:

But, in no way does this spoil anyone's enjoyment. In the very same minute that I took the mud picture, I took this, just a few feet away:

And besides, what do I care? I haz these:


Emma Barnes said...

Read through your blog thinking "Bet she hasn't mentioned the she hasn't mentioned the brownies...oh, she has mentioned the brownies!"

They are a secret recipe, one of the yurt guardians told me. Suspected to contain ground almonds. And very good!

Susan Price said...

I believe! I believe! Even that there are only light showers in Edinburgh in August.