Saturday 20 January 2024

The Little Mouse Who Spoke Indonesian - Joan Lennon

These days I'm spending most of my time with a bilingual toddler - well, trilingual, if you include 2-year-old gibberish. I've been speaking English for a VERY long time and my gibberish is surprisingly fluent, but my Indonesian is definitely not. So I was pleased to come across this book The Fabulous Lost and Found and the Mouse Who Spoke Indonesian written by Mark Pallis and illustrated by Peter Baynton.

A kindly frog couple runs the Lost and Found which is stacked to the ceiling with all of the things that have somehow got parted from their owners. When a little mouse who only speaks Indonesian comes looking for something she's lost, they do their best to guess what it is. (Spoiler: It's her hat.)

Are you living or working with bilingual kids, but Indonesian is not the language you're looking for? The Fabulous Lost and Found has mice that speak French, Korean, German, Welsh and more - and all of them have lost their hats.

There are other books in the series that I'll be looking out for. Have you come across children's bilingual books that you like? Terima kasih sudah berbagi - thank you for sharing!

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