Monday 8 January 2024

New Year Resolutions - Keren David

 You'd think -  wouldn't you - that I'd know better. At my age. The very idea that you can decide to change your life and just change it.
After all, we all know that gyms make a fortune from people who join in January, go a few times and then never go again. Changing one's habits is notoriously hard, especially when it's dark and cold as it tends to be in January in the UK. Bleurgh,  Pass the chocolates. 
And yet. 
In 2008 I had a half-formed resolution -  to try and write a book. I signed up for a course in Children's Writing, had an idea, set myself a target of writing 1000 words a day. By January 2009 I had written a book and found an agent. 
And so I continue to believe that  new year resolutions can happen. Especially (crucially) if they are fun to do. 
This year I got my kids to tell me their resolutions and  then mixed them with mine and made this,

'Deals' was my son's word -  he works in recruitment, where it's all about making deals. My words are mostly about getting more balance into my life, relaxing, celebrating, making art.
But I looked at the word 'deals', and thought  -  book deals? Who knows.... 

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Penny Dolan said...

Good wishes, good luck!