Saturday 9 December 2023

Made by humans (in a podcast) - Anne Rooney

 Just a very quick post today to link to this podcast about AI that I did with the Society of Authors and others: Theo Jones, Shoo Rayner, Hannah Berry, Keith Mansfield and Roland Glasser. (I asked artguru to make a picture for this post of me making a podcast. and it couldn't. It just offered Retry. And it still couldn't. Which is a bit odd as there are plenty of photos of me online, but maybe it's learned that I only use AI in order to make fun of its efforts. Still, now I'm making fun of its failure even to make an effort. Only effort here was #madebyhumans)

If you want something a little lighter, here's OUP's book advent calendar. My contribution was filmed by MB, who is nearly 10. Video #madebysmallhuman Not in the right spirit, but you can click ahead of the day's date — which is just as well, since our contribution is on Day 24!

Anne Rooney

Out now, from Oxford Children's Books; illustrated by humans Carlina Rabei and Qu Lan


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