Sunday 17 September 2023

Opening Doors by Tracy Darnton

September is a month of change. New doors opening. The summer is leading into Autumn and for me  there’s always the feeling of ‘Back to School’ and new pencil cases. 

After years of mine and my kids' lives being measured in academic terms/holidays for study or work, it’s hard to resist the pull and rhythm of this time of year. It's about starting something new, changing school years, uni and jobs, goal-setting. But as I’ve got older, there’s also an awareness of letting go of some woolly life goals and recognising some doors are firmly shut. Maybe (most certainly) I’m not going to study abroad now or ever do a PhD or write a hugely successful best-selling novel which is made into a Hollywood blockbuster!

At a friend’s birthday party this week, she made a speech about getting older. She said there were still interesting doors to open, not necessarily the ones you’d thought, or hoped, you’d be opening. She urged us to go out and open up new doors revealing new interests and new challenges.

Which doors will I choose to open?

*Pics are doorways that caught my eye recently in Tallinn, Estonia. 

Tracy Darnton is the author of YA psychological thrillers and picture books known for their twisty endings. You can follow her on Twitter and Instagram @TracyDarnton

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Joan Lennon said...

Yes! Here's to new doors!