Thursday 2 March 2023

Worker's writes? By Steve Way


With everyone on strike in the UK, I was wondering about what would happen if we writers went on strike. The Society of Authors is a trades union after all, maybe they could wrench us from our word processors and have us join our fellow strikers on the streets?

I was particularly wondering, given the pithy placards adorned with catchy slogans used by the various protesting groups what slogans we writers could use. I’ve thought of a few suggestions but would love to hear any of yours.

Ratchet up Royalties!

New deal for novelists!

Right rights for writers!

Pounds not pennies for penning plays!

Fair pay for a screenplay!

More owed to poets!

Don’t scrimp on scripts!

Put penny-pinching publishers under pressure!

Adult pay for Children’s writers!

The pen is mightier than the sword but only if you can afford ink.


There you go my creative comrades… see you on the picket lines!


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