Wednesday 22 February 2023

Too Much, written by Anne Booth, illustrated by Maria Christania, reviewed by Pippa Goodhart

This is a wonderfully gentle and kind story that really understands how feeling overwhelmed can affect us.

Bear has been asleep in his cave all winter, but now spring is here, and his friends want him to come out and play with them.


‘GO AWAY!’ said Bear. ‘There’s too much of everything out there and I’m staying IN.’


But those friends don’t give up on Bear. They lay a trail of tempting things – kind voices, flowers, delicious smelling food – to lure Bear out in his own time. He decides to take a tentative step out into the open, and he acclimatises to be outside so that he’s properly ready for friends and picnic by the time he reaches to them. 


I was so pleased that the friends didn’t trick Bear out or loudly greet him coming out. That giving someone the time and space they need is just right. Clever Anne Booth who wrote it. 


A very lovely book, with delightful illustrations by Maria Christania. 


Anne Booth said...

Dear Pippa,

Thank you so much! This is the very first review I have read for 'Too Much' and it is so lovely. I am so glad you are happy with the ending and the way Bear's friends behaved. It didn't occur to me to have the friends trick Bear to come out, or make a big loud fuss when he finally arrived, just because I identify so much with Bear - I tend to be anxious about things anyway, and found the pandemic, and coming out of lockdown, very stressful, and I knew that many children were also feeling overwhelmed. I dedicated the book to my husband, because he is so kind to me when I am overwhelmed or anxious! I love the beautiful illustrations too - the little characters Maria Christania has created are just so gorgeous and funny!

Pippa Goodhart said...

That genuine experience of coming out nerves and the kindest ways for others to deal with it shines through the book, Anne. All lightly handled, but I'm sure children will respond to it. Congratulations on such a very lovely book!