Sunday 22 January 2023

The Name Game, written by Elizabeth Laird, illustrated by Olivia Holden, reviewed by Pippa Goodhart


This is a simple story that sets a fun game going, leaving us to carry that game on with what we see in the illustrations, and then into our own lives.

A child is bored, so starts naming things - a magpie, a tree, a butterfly, a cat -, giving grand and fun names such as Diamond Dodger and Sapphire Princess.

'Everything, everyone, needs its own name!

A wonderful name!

A Beautiful name!

A perfectly gorgeous,

Surprise-me-please name!'

But the girl herself is given no name in the book. So I hereby name her Nancy the Fancy Namer.

A lovely book to share and expand into children's own worlds and imaginations. 

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Anonymous said...

I love Elizabeth Laird's work for older readers, so will definitely be looking for this!