Friday 28 October 2022


Hi everyone!

I was so excited recently to receive the latest copies of Pony Camp Diaries from Sweden and Norway! And as you can see, Sparks loves them too LOL!


Like me, he loves to eat while reading – although I prefer chocolate… :) 

Here he is hanging out with his buddy Apollo. Apollo is the herd leader of our tribe of six, which also include cheeky Mickey, soulful Rowan, and the two mares, mysterious Rainbow and kind Breeze.

And here we are out on a ride! We do natural horsemanship, so that’s what the rope headcollars and reins are about. When you first start, you have to ride with one rein, and throw it over the horse’s head when you want to change direction – which involves being quick sometimes, if a tree is coming, LOL! It teaches you not to hang onto the reins, or rely on pulling to get your horse to do what you want, or hang on them to balance yourself – all kinds of reasons! I absolutely love riding out with Sparks – it’s absolute magic to be together out in nature, and with amazing friends.

The string rein extender is my own invention LOL! Excellent for the foraging we do during our ride. Tracy (who is doing the camera work – wobbly because she is riding Apollo!) is a herbalist and she finds it really interesting to see what the horses are drawn to eating. She’s even planted herbs at our field so that the horses can self-select what they need to keep them healthy – it’s like having their very own herbal medicine cabinet! Sparks loves the hazel, and sometimes a bit of overhanging willow!

Happy horsing around everyone! As for me, I feel so inspired by my gorgeous Sparks, maybe it’s time for me to write a new pony series…

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