Friday 3 September 2021



I've been researching Cornish legends and myths for a series of books and have come across some funny and fascinating ancient cures. I thought I'd share a few with you...

Cure for lumbago, sciatica, and other 'cricks' in the back:

Men-an-Tol (a holed stone) stands near the Madron to Morvah road in Cornwall. Crawl through the centre hole on all fours, nine times, going against the sun's course. Young children can be put through to ensure healthy growth, too. 

Cure for warts:

Use a new pin for each wart. Touch the warts with the pins and then put the pins in a bottle. Place the bottle on a newly-made grave.

Cure for colic:

Stand on your head for a quarter of an hour

Cure for Nettle sting:

Place a dock-leaf on the sting and chant three times: "Out nettle, in dock; dock shall have a new smock"

Cure for whooping cough:

Take a three year old female donkey and pass the sick child nine times over its back and under its belly. Then cut three hairs from the donkey's back and three from the belly and add to milk. Let the child drink it in three doses.

There you are. Hope they're helpful. 😁


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