Thursday 10 December 2020

Illustrators and designers. I salute you. Moira Butterfield

Today I would like to celebrate two groups of people. Without them children's books would not exist in the glorious form we find them. 

The illustrators I have been working with come from all corners of the globe because it's a truly international business. I feel privileged to be associated with them and they have all left me speechless at the way they have brought my words to life. I like to reach out to them to give them words of personal encouragement - usually through Instagram as lots of fabulous illustrators show their work on Insta. I'm aware that they're putting in many hours and it's not always an easy process so I like to say hello and good luck. However, I also make sure I leave them well alone to do their creative thing! When their work arrives it's a glorious moment. It's really important that all our illustrators get lots of credit whenever books get mentioned btw. Here's a selection from recent times: 

Vivian Mineker. From Taiwan and the US. Currently in lovely Slovenia! 
We've also done The Secret Life of Bees together. It's out in 2021. 

Jesus Verona, from Spain but living in Sweden.
2 books coming out in 2021 due to the virus. 
Claudia Boldt, out in L.A. 

The delightful Fago Studios in France. 

Fabulous talent Bryony Clarkson, living in Oxford. 
                                                                   This book out 2021. 
Taiwanese illustrator Cindy Wume.
We're working together on something exciting for 2022. 

Bryony Clarkson's fantastic work. 

A snippet of gorgeous upcoming work from Jesus Verona. 

An upcoming book with the genius Salvatore Rubbino,
who lives in North London. I think it will be out in 2022. 

The designers - I've been incredibly lucky to work with some magicians/designers this year. They've chosen the perfect artists, then taken my words and moulded them into great layouts. The designers help to manage the whole tricky process that is the recipe for an illustrated book. I salute all of you for your hidden but vital input. I know it hasn't been easy this year grappling with big computer programmes while at home and trying to make sure you know what your editors and sales department are thinking. Chapeau! 

If you'd like to celebrate some of the in-house talent that has helped you this year, please go ahead below! 

Moira Butterfield

Twitter: @moiraworld

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Sue Purkiss said...

Good to see credit given to designers and illustrators - thank you, Moira!

Penny Dolan said...

Good to see all this work honoured, Moira, from the hidden (but vital) skills of the book designers to the many illustrators across the world.

Not forgetting the writers, of course, with their essential research and work and collaboration.

Thank you for all your posts, Moira, and for raising your voice for the world of children's non-fiction books.

Damian Harvey said...

A good piece Moira - I think that the illustrators we get to work with are even more international than they were with most things being done digitally.