Tuesday 3 November 2020

HALLOWEEN QUIZ by Sharon Tregenza


How well do you know your horror books?
1. Regan MacNeil is one of the central characters in which horror novel?

2. A deaths-head moth is found lodged in the throat of a murder victim. In which horror novel does this happen?

3. Which novel features a murderous, sacrifice-loving teenager and his mentally unstable brother, living in a remote part of Scotland?

4. Which story features Eli, a Swedish child vampire who is hundreds of years old?

5. The Turn Of The Screw is a gothic ghost story by which 19th century literary author?

6. Which novel features a family living in an old apartment building which is also home to a Satanic coven?

7. Wall Street is the backdrop to which sinister work of fiction by  Brett Easton Ellis?

8. Which book features a murderous monster masquerading as Pennywise the Clown?

9. Belasco House is the setting for which chilling novel by Richard Matheson?

1) The Exorcist, 2) Silence of the Lambs, 3) The Wasp Factory 4) Let the Right One in 5) Henry James 6) Rosemary's Baby 7) American Psycho 8) It 9) Hell House


Anonymous said...

Knew them all except The Wasp Factory - which I have *still* never read.

Nick Garlick said...

That Anonymous was me. Hard to type when the cat insists on sitting between you and the keyboard!!