Friday 3 July 2020



Sharon Creech was born in Cleveland, Ohio on 29th July 1945. She grew up in a large family with a sister and three brothers. In College she studied literature which sparked her interest in writing stories. She later moved to Washington DC to further her studies.

It was when she came to the UK to teach American and British literature to High School students that she began writing her own books. The first two she published were for adults but then she tried writing for children. Her first for young people was 'Absolutely Normal Chaos' and was published in 1990.

Creech and her husband eventually moved back to the United States and her first book published there was 'Walk Two Moons' in 1994. She's gone on to write many more popular stories. 

Five Facts about Sharon Creech:

1. She has won the American Newbery Medal and the British Carnegie Medal.

2. She married Lyle Rigg and they have two children: Karin and Rob.

3. She's also written picture books for younger children.

4. She wove a lot of her own life into her books.

5. When she was young she wanted to be a singer or an ice skater.


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Penny Dolan said...

I really admired Walk Two Moons! Thank you for another welcome reminder, Sharon.