Tuesday 30 June 2020

Dream writing spaces by Tamsin Cooke

Writers are very lucky. We can work anywhere. All we need is a laptop or pen and paper. 
We can work in cafes, sheds, any room in the house (although I can't imagine many people would choose to write in a bathroom!), outside where a beautiful view might inspire you. The list is endless.

I am very lucky as I have my own writing room. 

It's full of things I love to inspire me. And I have my book covers framed on a wall. 

I don't always write here though. I write in bed, in the garden and in the kitchen. Plus I have spent an awful lot of time sitting in my car writing, while my kids are doing a club such as parkour, gymnastics, dance, scouts... I think I've written in most car parks in the town where I live!

I thought it woudl be really interesting to look at dream writing spaces if money, space and travel were no object. I found some fabulous places.

The very cool shed at the bottom of the garden

The incredible home library/ home office

Danielle Steel's amazing desk made out of her books

The rustic cabin in the middle of nowhere

I didn't even know what to call this - but I know I'd like to write here.

The treehouse

These are all fabulous writing spaces, but anywhere can be inspirational ... even car parks!!!

Tamsin Cooke
Author of The Scarlet Files Series and Stunt Double Series
Website: tamsincooke.co.uk
Twitter: @TamsinCooke1 


Nick Garlick said...

I do like your room. It looks a lot nicer than some of the ones you can find here:
I find it hard to believe that Simon Callow could write a word at that desk.

Anne Booth said...

I love the idea of framing your covers. I am feeling in dire need of sorting out some space in lockdown with 6 of us at home - my writing is mostly done on my bed or on the dining table which needs to be cleared for family meals - but I actually do have a writing shed my lovely husband made, only it is full of stuff which we also need to clear. You are inspiring me to do something!

catdownunder said...

I know someone who does actually write in her bathroom. She writes a weekly column for a local newspaper and she says it is the only place in the house where nobody interrupts her!

Holly Race said...

I love the treehouse! I usually prefer to write in cafes so this whole writing-from-home malarkey is difficult to get used to!