Friday, 20 September 2019

National Gibberish Day (Revisited) - Joan Lennon

There was a suggestion a while ago that it was all right, from time to time, to re-post favourites from ABBA's long and full-of-favourites past, and I would like to do just that - here is my post for 20 Sept. 2017 on the delights of gibberish, on this annual celebration of gobbledy-gook.  I wish you a


Yes, you heard me correctly.  20 September is National Gibberish* Day.  Why?  Who decides these things?  He gnews?  Jet Pum!**  And to celebrate I give you ...


Not just the words, but two performances that make me chortle in joy:


So, readers and writers and ABBAers of every description, here's to gibberish - and, if you possibly can, shove some into a conversation today.  Fo jensonsicaxar!  Vaxako Rowis Caxallerr pleud!!*** 

* aka Jibber-Jabber

** Who knows?  Not I!  (translations courtesy of My Big Monkey Gibberish Translator - hours of entertainment!)

*** Be nonsensical!  Make Lewis Carroll proud!

P.S.  I love the way the Muppets drew on John Tenniel's original 1871 illustrations for Jabberwocky - so bizarre - so clever!

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Susan Price said...

Owelktalbur! Pum enjayo zees.

I prefer John Hurt's version -- why gild a lily?

madwippitt said...

Desnabber gnub! ... Enjoyed both ... but the Muppets possibly had the edge ... :-D

Joan Lennon said...

Or you can see them together in The Storyteller!