Saturday, 7 September 2019

Get ready for National Libraries Week! by Dawn Finch

Oct 7-12 2019 is National Libraries Week and this year the theme is the digital world, and the part our community libraries play in it. For NLW this week we’ll be exploring and celebrating how libraries engage and support their communities through technology. We’ll be sharing lots of stories and case studies about how our libraries build digital skills and digital confidence. All over the country libraries support their users and helpt them to develop and improve their digital skills, and in doing so improve quality of life, health, wellbeing and education.

During NLW we love showcasing the extraordinary work that libraries are doing all over the country to change lives, and having this annual platform to bring all this work into the public eye is so important.

As the theme this year is all about the digital world, it might at first seem a little more tricky for authors and illustrators to immediately see how they can get involved. The simplest way is to share some of the facts about how your libraries are supporting the digital needs of your communities – here are some facts and links...
Something that really adds to National Libraries Week every year is when library supporters add their stories to those being shared online. Do you do your research in the library? Do you take your laptop up to the library and use their resources? Do you use the online resources available to you? Are you aware of your library’s digital resources? Has your library helped you find that last bit of information that escaped you? Have you used your library to connect with others in the community? I know lots of you have also done other digitally connected work in your libraries, and it would be fantastic if you could share that.

Use the hashtag ( #librariesweek ), register as a supporter, follow on Facebook and Twitter, use the resources on the National Libraries Week site, and sign up to Libraries Deliver to support libraries all year round. You can even change your social media banner or your email footer to show your support.

We all know how important libraries have been to us over our careers and our lives, and National Libraries Week gives us a chance to celebrate that.

Dawn Finch is an author, librarian and library activist. Dawn is a trustee of the Chartered Institute of Library and Information Professionals (CILIP) and member of the Society of Authors' Children's Writers and Illustrators Group (CWIG)

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