Tuesday, 20 August 2019

How Writing Changes the Writer - Joan Lennon

I'm over on the RLF Vox site* with a podcast on How Writing Changes the Writer.  I couldn't think of an image to add that would fit that title, so instead how about The Young Cicero Reading?

Vincenzo Foppa (1427-1515) 
(wiki commons)

* Vox is a collection of bite-sized podcasts by writers chatting about things writerly.  There is some fabulous browsing to be had!

Joan Lennon's website.
Joan Lennon's blog.
Walking Mountain.


Susan Price said...

If anything could tempt me into podcasts, it would be you, Joan!

Penny Dolan said...

Love the musicality of your voice on this - and may your last wish come & stay true.

Joan Lennon said...

Thank you both! It's a weird thing to be not having to think about making eye contact with anybody when you're recording, as opposed to doing an event or teaching a class.