Thursday 17 January 2019

Writing resolutions by Tracy Darnton

It's mid-January. How are we all doing on the New Year writing resolutions?

Here are mine:

  • I shall write every day   other day   at least once a week month
  • I shall not waste time looking at Tweets on Brexit or Trump which tend to wind me up and make me incapable of writing anything
  • I shall diligently update my website, Linked In profile and Facebook pages even though I am terrible at it and hate doing it
  • I shall schedule my blogs in advance and solve why my photos are always blurry
  • I shall file all my receipts immediately 
  • I shall produce efficient To Do lists

  • I shall plan any novel in great detail before I write anything
  • I shall not bribe myself with Creme Eggs from the very handy Co-op
  • I shall not distract myself from writing a novel by a sudden urge to clean out the cutlery drawer or put photos from the last ten years in albums
  • I shall write an amazing best-selling novel forthwith
  • I shall not endlessly fiddle about with all the lovely stationery I got for Christmas
  • I shall not set myself unrealistic writing goals

Please tell me it's OK that all of them are broken already?

Tracy Darnton's YA thriller The Truth About Lies was published by Stripes in July. She has an MA in Writing for Young People. You can follow Tracy on Twitter @TracyDarnton. 


LuWrites said...

Those look alarmingly familiar. Except the stationery. I need to buy stationery to look at - will add to my list. :)

Rowena House said...

Why don't we ever have "Find time to chill every day and just go with the flow" as a NY resolution? Good luck!

Moira Butterfield said...

Yes! I have lovely Christmas stationary, too, and I've been stroking it! Also have a handy Co-op. it's all fine. Do what you gotta do. I went to get my hair cut this morning. Wasted the whole morning in town rather than write. Had a fantastic idea whilst walking the streets. So I say schedule in more time-wasting.

Steve Gladwin said...

Displacement activity - hey I'm an expert. Can't even knuckle down to my blog for next week. Mind you none of this is helped by cursed varifocal and blogger doesn't have proper font size issues. Doesn't take much to give me an excuse.

Steve Gladwin said...

It was me - that last comment Tracy. Confused by bicycle ads

Tracy Darnton said...

Thanks for comments. Glad I'm not alone in this. You'll all be pleased to know that my writing achievements this week include cleaning out the spices cupboard.
Intrigued by unknown blogger's identity - sadly the varifocal clue doesn't narrow it down that much.