Monday, 3 December 2018

DECEMBER'S AUTHOR by Sharon Tregenza


Anne Fine was born on 7th DECEMBER 1947 in Leicester, England. She went to Northampton High School and studied politics at the University of Warwick. She taught in a girl's secondary school  and then moved to Oxford where she worked as an Information Officer for Oxfam.

In 1971 her first daughter Ione was born. One day, when a snowstorm prevented her from going to the library, in desperation she started to write a novel. Her list of books for children and adults has been growing ever since.

She works in absolute silence, mostly on computer but often with pencil and paper, in bed early in the morning or travelling on trains.

Her interest in politics shows up in many of her books. She raises quite serious social issues even in her books for younger children. Try 'Bill's New Frock' or 'The Chicken Gave it to me' but she also loves writing issue free comedy books that make her, and everyone else, laugh. Try 'The More the Merrier' and 'Trouble in Toadpool'. 

She was awarded the OBE in 2003.

Five facts about Anne Fine:

* She was Children's Laureate from 2001 to 2003.

* She would really like to be a good singer.

* She doesn't plot her books before she starts to write them.

* She's written over 50 books.

* She enjoys reading in the bath.


Mystica said...

Thank you for the introduction.

Sharon Tregenza said...

Hi Mystica, glad you enjoyed it. Thank you for leaving a comment.