Thursday, 20 September 2018

Opportunities for Young Writers - Joan Lennon

It's the autumn term, and here are a few exciting opportunities for young writers to get their teeth into. These can be life-changing experiences, and if you know anyone who might like to have a go, make sure they know what's on offer -

What's Your Story? Development Project
(open to 13-19 year-old writers and illustrators in Scotland)

The Young Sir Walter Scott Prize 
(for young people in the UK, in two age groups: 11-15 years old, and 16-19 years old)

YWSP workshop at Holkam

The Pushkin Prize

(open to students in S1 and S2 in Scotland)

What opportunities for young writers have you come across, in the UK or other parts of the world?  Share them in the comments below, and then let's spread the word! 

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Anne Booth said...

Thank you for this - I will make sure I share.

Andrew Preston said...

Hhm, Holkam, in Norfolk.

Walter Scott, certainly one for English sensibilities....

Penny Dolan said...

Thanks for these suggestions, Joan. (I'm always very envious of Scotland's promotion of writing and literature.)

For 16 years and older, there's this in the North of England:

And this similar in Wales:

And in the South too, it seems

And probably elsewhere.

However, please note I haven't checked on dates to see if these initiatives are still funded. A West Midlands one no longer seems to exist.

Anne Booth said...

Joan - I am so sorry - I posted a day early on your date. My blog post should have gone out on the 21st, not the 20th. I've only just had this pointed out. I even shared and commented without noticing. x

Joan Lennon said...

Don't worry at all, Anne - and thanks for sharing! The more kids, er, children, er, young people who find out about these projects, the better!