Sunday, 20 May 2018

Podcasts by Writers - Joan Lennon

Back in January, Dan Metcalf gave us his Top 6 Podcasts for Us Writery Types, with links to recorded interviews with writers, artists and scriptwriters.  If you liked those, how about some from the Royal Literary Fund website?  Vox is a collection of short (3-4 minutes) podcasts by writers of all sorts (children's, YA, poets, playwrights, adult novels) on topics such as How I Write, Life-Changing Literature, Writers Who Inspire Me, Why I Write, and others.  Bite-size bits of enlightenment, inspiration and entertainment.  AND you'll come across some familiar names from An Awfully Big Blog Adventure on the site.  Happy listening! 

(If you're up for a longer podcastly commitment, why not try Writers Aloud?  There are other delights as well in the essay section Collected, and the short films found in In Focus.

Visit Joan Lennon's RLF page 
to listen to short podcasts on 
Writers Who Inspire Me
Letter to My Younger Self
and Why I Write


Rowena House said...

How useful! Will definitely take a gander. Thanks.

Joan Lennon said...

Thanks, Rowena - there's some lovely browsing to be had - and it's a treat being able to hear writers' speaking voices.

Anne Booth said...

Thank you - that looks really interesting.