Friday, 20 April 2018

Where's Your Favourite Place? by Joan Lennon

Claude Monet Springtime 1872

Spring was late here, so for a long while, my favourite place to read has been in bed, where it's cosy, or, when I can find one, snuggled up by an open fire.  Maybe it's time to rediscover some of those other favourite places - under a tree like Monet's reader or at least by an open window.

Johannes Vermeer Girl Reading a Letter by an Open Window circa 1659

Are your favourite reading places seasonal?  Or do you stay loyal year round to bed, bath, train or treehouse?  Are some of your favourites out of the ordinary or just plain odd?  Let us know where you like to read.

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Penny Dolan said...

Ideally, I'd read luxuriously in bed during the day, or on a sofa, while other people do all the house-minding work and answering doors and so on. In practice, most of my reading is done during three-in-the-morning insomniac stretches, while at "real" bedtime, I fall asleep within a few pages. I have tried but never managed a truly comfortable read in a bath, alas.

The right amount of comfort is important - cosy, not too hot or too chilly - and the lazy kind of clothes too.

So is the right kind of light, which can be a problem at night (!), but it applies during the day too. Your first girl is reading under the tree so her page can be shaded from the bright sun while the girl studying her letter by the window (somewhat earlier in time)is doing so because she needs daylight to see the writing.

So easy to settle to read - and so easy to feel fidgety unless the place is exactly right, or you have just the right book,

Anne Booth said...

I really love reading in bed, but also on trains or on buses or at bus stops. Like Penny, I just can't read in a bath. I think I do need to investigate and invest in a good reading lamp however. My idea is to read with a cup of tea and chocolate to hand - but that isn't a great recipe for fitness!