Saturday, 3 March 2018

THE CHILDREN'S LIT QUIZ (No. 3) by Sharon Tregenza


It's been a cold few days with snow a foot deep here and more over parts of the country. Here's a kid lit quiz inspired by all the whiteness.

1. What are the two children in the 'Snow Queen' called?

2. Which pig lives to see his first snow at Christmas time?

3. In 'Goth Girl' some rare creatures were saved from an animal hunt by making copies from what material?

4. 'A Christmas Carol' is set in a snowy London. Who wrote it?

5. In which book does Big Bear take Little Bear on a walk through snowy woods.

6.  Who first published 'Snow White'?

7. What colour is the snowman's hat and scarf in the Snowman book?

8. Who makes it winter all the time but never Christmas in Narnia?

9. Where are Harry and Hermione on a snowy Christmas Eve in the Deathly Hallows?

10. Which of the following animals don't visit Percy Keeper in 'One Snowy Night' -- Badger, Rabbit, Fox, Deer?

Answers Below

ANSWERS: 1. Kay and Gerda,  2. Wilbur,  3. Ice,  4. Charles Dickens,  5. Let's Go Home, Little Bear.  6. the Brothers Grimm  7. Green,  8. The White Witch,  9. Godric's Hollow at a grave yard,  10. Deer.



Sue Bursztynski said...

I knew five of these! :)

Sharon Tregenza said...

There's a few difficult ones in there, Sue, isn't there. :)

Abbeybufo said...

I got six ...

Sharon Tregenza said...

Well done. :)