Wednesday, 10 January 2018

Planning on planning by Jess Butterworth

Today I feel as if I'm in a film, because this afternoon I'm flying into London to surprise not one, but two, of my best friends for their birthdays (conveniently a few days apart).

And I'm so very excited.

I'll be doing other things too, like visiting bookshops and meeting my editor, which I also can't wait to do. 

All this has taken a lot of planning with many people involved. And with Christmas not being quite the successful catch-up time I had envisaged, a lot of deadlines are being met at the last minute (right now I'm counting on my four hour layover to be as productive as four hours in my office). 

This has got me thinking that for this year I want to try and be even more organised. Or, if I am doomed to a never-ending to-do list, then to at least effectively orchestrate the list in a balanced way. And, as I plan out my year, I've decided this means that the list should include things like time to deal with the unexpected, see friends and loved ones, go idea hunting/spend time outside.     

And sometimes all I want is to lock myself away from everything and write. A writing retreat sounds pretty wonderful. Maybe I should plan one of those too.  

Contemplating the new year. 

I know that planning every second of every day isn't very realistic or fun, but thinking about it helps me to be more mindful. And that's what I'm really aiming for.

Here's to a joyful 2018! 


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Penny Dolan said...

Very impressed, Jess! Hope all goes happily.

I am now wondering if the title on your book cover image indicates fiction or non-fiction? :-)

Jess Butterworth said...

Thanks, Penny! It's fiction but very much inspired and grounded in real events/places. :-) ❤️