Sunday, 24 December 2017

My Christmas Eve by Tracy Alexander

 I'm up early. I've fished out the Lasting Power of Attorney forms that I filled in six months ago and they're staring at me. Will I? Won't I?

In an hour or so the rest of the house will wake. (The dog's already awake obviously, as I'm in the kitchen.)

We'll play Bananagram over a cup of tea. Mum likes that.

There's a flat walk close by so as long as it's not too cold we'll take the dog out. The kids (kidadults) might come.

Lunch at home because eating out is no longer the pleasure it was.

Off to the ice rink to see my daughter at work. Her brothers are coming too. Mum used to live in Canada and loved to skate. She'll threaten to go on the ice but it'll be a joke. We'll do the last of the shopping. Might go for a cup of tea . . .

Home-baked ham for supper. We'll have a glass of wine. Scrabble?

In bed by 11. Love you, Mum.

Will I sleep? I'm looking at the forms. They represent peace of mind. Will I?

Merry Christmas everyone x


Heather Dyer said...

A really poignant piece Tracy. Very full. It gives me a window into your Christmas Day. Enjoy those lovely moments.

tracy alexander said...

Thanks, Heather. I did it. Instant relief. Merry Christmas.

Susan Price said...

Good for you. You knew you had to. Happy New Year!

Penny Dolan said...

A brave but necessary-at-some-point thing. Well done, Tracy, and enjoy your quiet Christmastime. Happy New Year for you too, when it arrives, and do look after yourself as well.

Anne Booth said...

That was such a good thing to do. I had such stress and difficulty talking to my parents about doing this so that I could help them - our lives would have been so much easier had it been in place. But I am sure that for the one doing it it is an extremely difficult thing to contemplate - and I really should do it myself.