Sunday, 19 November 2017

Does Social Media Affect Your Creativity? - Lucy Coats

Does the use of social media affect my creativity? It's a question I've been asking myself a lot, especially this year, when all platforms are full of increasingly bad news from around the world, in a seemingly unremitting stream. As writers, we are often alone, and social media platforms can provide a way to reach out and connect with the world -- and more importantly with other writers. However, they can also be a time eater, a procrastination tool, and a mood depressor. I've put a little survey below for those who are interested in thinking about this question.

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How did you do? Did you tick mostly ones? If so, well done, your social media use is minimal. But I suspect the majority of us score somewhat higher. For me, I have found that I've had to take breaks this year, and when I have, my creativity has gone up, simply because my brain is not full of gloom and doom. Before the middle of last year, I didn't really have a problem. But now I think I do, and it's the all-pervasive gloom and doom that is directly responsible. I get sucked down a black hole, where article link leads to article link, and the more I click on, the more Facebook (in particular) shows me about that subject. So right now, I've deleted every social app on my phone, my tablet and my computer. Yes, I will miss some nice news from friends and fellow authors. But I've already feeling freer, and they can always phone or email or text, or (shock horror) even meet in person. I'd love to know if anyone wants to join me -- I'm going social media free till the New Year at least. Do let me know in the comments.

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Helen Larder said...

Very interesting. I time myself and try to stick to about 5 minutes on social media morning and evening. I usually manage to stick to it. I'd feel like I had wasted too much time if I spent longer and I'm sure it would have a negative impact on my creativity. Thanks, Lucy xxxx

Penny Dolan said...

An interesting problem when so much news is threaded into social media. But I'd agree, Lucy, that it doesn't help with creativity or the attention span - and the mix of the "my successes" with negative content/quarrelsome & vile comments can wreck one's confidence.

Luckily, Awfully Big Blog's not like that, so do keep calling in on our posts.
Admiring your time limit, Helen!