Tuesday, 26 September 2017

Fortunately / Unfortunately by Eloise Williams

There’s an improvisation game called Fortunately / Unfortunately which is used to break the ice, get a conversation going, get people thinking creatively. I was an actor for a long time before I took up writing so I played it A LOT!

It has been a while so I’m a bit rusty but here goes...

Fortunately, I have had absolutely loads of events for Gaslight.

Unfortunately, this means I can’t tell you about a glorious day off I’ve had recently because I haven’t had any.

Fortunately, I love working with young people.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t leave me much time for writing interesting blogs.

Fortunately, one of my events was at the Cardiff Book Festival - which was brilliant - where Gaslight is set, so I thought I’d take some photos while I was there.

Unfortunately, I pull faces like this at events.

Fortunately, I’m not known for being vain.

Unfortunately, I haven’t had a chance to do any work on my new manuscript as I don’t have a Hermione Granger Time Turner.

Fortunately, I have a few events coming up and then a lovely break to work on my salty, windswept, ghost story.  

Unfortunately, this is a blog made mostly of pictures. Sorry.

Fortunately I have a chance to write something better for next month.



Sue Purkiss said...

Fortunately, I think most of us like blogs with lots of pictures! I particularly like the one of the spooky sea.

Steve Gladwin said...

Yes there seem to be a rash of them recently Sue! Thanks Eloise. Great blog.

Matilda Morgan said...
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