Sunday, 20 August 2017

'Tis the Season by Joan Lennon

Here in Scotland the children are heading back to school and the first big spider has decided it's time to come indoors.  And I am feeling that combination of heart lift and loin girding that means it's a new year.  January 1st?  Just a date.  This is the real thing.

Of course this is because, like many of us, I've been tied one way or another to the school year for most of my life.  Though I write year round, this is the time when other commitments begin to rev up again.  School visits, Patron of Reading, RLF Fellow, festivals - the calendar is filling up.  Will I be complaining before you know it of too much to do?  Oh yes.  But am I looking forward to it all as well?


Happy New Year! 

P.S. I've hedged my seasonal bets this month, in relation to blogging, by putting up a post on The History Girls about that summer heat wave jazz classic 'Tain't No Sin to Take Off Your Skin and Dance Around in Your Bones.  So if you're more of a summer bunny than an autumn enthusiast, that one's for you.

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