Thursday, 27 July 2017

Writing Buddies by Lynn Huggins-Cooper

We all need friends for our emotional well being. That's a universal truth. For writers, we need 'professional friends,' too. Writing buddies have your back. They hand you a lifeline when you are discouraged, and cheer-lead you when you are down. They celebrate your successes when they happen. The best writing buddies dispense rather tough love techniques though.

Yesterday, we had the first meeting of our new writing group. Very small; just four participants. We are just called 'Writing Group' - no bells or whistles. We could alternately be called the 'Bottom-Booting Club' as that is our main function for one another. Accountability. Someone to answer to every day, to make sure we are nagged if our writing doesn't get done. No excuses.

On Saturday, I am taking part in another writing group. This one is all about exploring, experimenting and hopefully, collaborating. I am excited about the possibilities.

I have been a member (and still am a member) of many writing groups both online and in-person over my twenty years as a published writer. They are great for helping you to learn new things; to experiment and explore; to just talk to other writers - important for sharing whinges and moans as well as successes, with people who care and understand. Writing can be an isolated profession.

Facebook groups can be fantastic...or just another way of procrastinating. However, some of my most helpful writing buddies exist, for me, only via the Internet. We check in with one another and share our progress. NanoWrimo helps too. Not just the actual November-writing-furiously event; also the community that builds up around it.

So - where are your writing buddies found? Where is your writing tribe?

As far as organisations go, (using the word loosely) I would obviously recommend The Scattered Author's Society, or I wouldn't be here!  NibWeb is great for cnf writers. I'd also recommend well known organisations such as SCBWI and the Society of Authors. Belonging to these groups bring all sorts of benefits, but the biggest is the writing community that they offer. Look for your writing tribe by haunting listings for local writing groups - you may find your writing buddies in a community centre, library or cafe.

Once you have found them, your writing will benefit massively - and so will your well-being, and your view of yourself as 'writer.' Do it today!

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Hilary Hawkes said...

So true. It's so important to find others who understand!