Friday, 18 March 2016

Multi-tasking - Productive or just a distraction? Linda Strachan

So many of us multi-task these days, using our phones while we are walking along a street, at our desks with social media, emails intruding on the task of the moment.  Is this more productive or are we being so distracted by the next thing that pops up that we are not putting enough focus on the job in hand?

There is an interesting study
Media multitaskers pay mental price, Stanford study shows

During tests those who were multi-tasking were so busy taking in all the information around them that they had more problems being as focused on a single task, being tempted away by things that were irrelevant, than those who did not multi-task.

State Library Melbourne

This is in my mind as we have just returned from a long break away in New Zealand and Australia. Returning home there was a lot to catch up on  and I find myself trying to do six things at once.

View from Titirangi- North Island, New Zealand

Although I do like a bit of multi-tasking it can get out of control and makes my head feel like it is full too much, like a flutter of confetti.

Do you like to multi-task? Do you think it makes you more or less productive?


Linda Strachan is the author of over 60 books for all ages from picture books to teenage novels and the writing handbook - Writing For Children.

Linda is currently Chair of the SOAiS - Society of Authors in Scotland 

Her latest YA novel is Don't Judge Me . 
She is Patron of Reading to Liberton High School, Edinburgh.

Her best selling series Hamish McHaggis is illustrated by Sally J. Collins who also illustrated Linda's retelling of Greyfriars Bobby.

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Emma Barnes said...

Don't like it!

Penny Dolan said...

Multi-tasking may work for admin activities for some people. It depends on the mix and what you want to get out of the time. Artwork or craftwork - or any hands-on work - and listening to music for example. However, I've just listened to a radio programme about the Easter Rising while I noted down numbers from a possibly poorly mobile, in case it had to be cleared down. I have got that list now and I can remember the mood of the programme and one or two moments, but very few of the details I was really after. I'll now have to listen a second time. Maybe others can do better?

As for multitasking while trying to write fiction - where the interactions are so complex and subtle - I'd say that must be impossible, even with that peaceful NZ bay to stare out at. Looks like you had a lovely time, Linda!