Thursday, 27 August 2015

September Stirrings by Lynn Huggins-Cooper

It's that time of year again...the shops are full of delicious 'back to school' offers of pens, notebooks, coloured pencils and other stationery delights. I haven't been a teacher (in school at least) for many years - and it's been even longer since I was a student! I still feel a strange delight though in the sense of a new year starting. Once you have been part of the rhythms of school or university life it is hard not to!

Like most of my writer friends (there are many, and they are various) I take the opportunity to hoard new, fresh-smelling notebooks. I am particularly fond of the sub-Moleskine variety produced by one of the large supermarkets, in case you were wondering, and it's the sense that anything could happen this year that thrills me. The possibilities.

Every time I get a new idea, I start a new notebook. I don't necessarily write them immediately, but I do keep them together on a shelf in the study so that I can revisit them. I have enough notebook-story-starters to last me for years!

Anyway - I can't write any more here as I have a notebook buying trip planned. Care to join me? We can even buy some pens while we are there, and stop for a coffee on the way back. Who knows - we may have to make notes for a new book as we sip our drinks...

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