Thursday, 14 May 2015

The Living Library by Karen King

Author events usually consists of authors reading to students, talking about their work or running workshops but Linda Bromyard, the librarian at my POR School, Blessed Edward Oldcorne Catholic College runs an annual Living Library which I am delighted to support.  Linda tells the students that normally they come into the library and find books laid out on the tables, but for the Living Library they get the chance to talk to real authors about books, and a mix of authors at that. The event this year was held on 5 May and there were children's authors, Indie authors, romance authors and poets. Here's a photo of the cast.

Kevin Brooke, Chas Eden, Linda Bromyard, Sheryl Browne, Polly Robinson, Me, Ann Evans,  Rob Griffiths and Diana Harrison.


The event session always takes place in the school library and local authors from all genres are invited. We authors are all allocated a table each, on which we arrange our books, bookmarks, tip sheets, etc. Then the students work their way around the room, in groups of four. Each group is allowed ten minutes to talk to an author then they move onto the next table.
Me with a group of students

It’s a fascinating way for the students to learn about different types of writing, to talk to a few authors in the space of one morning, to ask any questions they have and to discuss their own reading and writing. And just in case they can’t think of any questions, Linda supplies a list they can refer to if they want to. As an author, I always enjoy the experience of talking to small groups of children as opposed to a large class.  
It’s also a great way to network with other local authors and the coffee and chocolate biscuits Linda provides in the break are very welcome.
Ann Evans chatting with Chas Eden

A good time was had by all and look at the fantastic feedback from the students.

 Karen King writes all sorts of books. Check out her website for details.


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