Thursday, 26 February 2015

Reading Recovery by Cavan Scott

Who doesn't like having stories read to them?

Erica Rooney and the Reading Recovery celebration
at Air Balloon Hill Primary School
Before half term, I had a special treat as I popped into Air Balloon Hill Primary School in Bristol, where I am Patron of Reading. 

To celebrate their Reading Recovery programme, pupils who took part in the scheme read aloud to visitors and each other. If you're not aware of Reading Recovery, it's a special programme where five to six years olds who really struggle with reading receive 30 minutes one-on-one time with a specially trained teacher each and every school day. 

The results at Air Balloon spoke for themselves.

Gathered in the school library, I listened to children who'd hardly been able to read a word when starting school. Now, they were happily picking up books and reading page after page out loud. I started the session sitting with Ned, who enthusiastically read me the first five pages of The Hobbit and chatted about Bilbo Baggin's little hole in the ground.

At the end of the end of the session, I talked with Erica Rooney, Air Balloon's Reading Recovery teacher. She was obviously very moved by the progress of the pupils who'd worked through the programme, and rightly so. What an amazing achievement! 

Listening to Ned, I knew exactly what I wanted to say in this month's post - a big thank you to all the teachers, teachers' assistants, librarians and parent volunteers who go into school week after week and listen to children read. You are our unsung heroes and deserve all the credit you can get!

Now, if you excuse me, I need to pick up where Ned left off. Where's my copy of The Hobbit?


Cavan Scott is the author of over 70 books and audio dramas including the Sunday Times Bestseller, Who-ology: The Official Doctor Who Miscellany, co-written with Mark Wright.

He's written for Doctor WhoSkylandersAdventure Time, Angry Birds, Penguins of Madagascar and Warhammer 40,000 among others. He also writes Roger the Dodger and Bananaman for The Beano as well as books for reluctant readers of all ages.

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Sue Purkiss said...

That's really impressive!

Emma Barnes said...

That's inspiring. English is such a hard language to learn to read, and it's easy to get left behind, for whatever reason. It's wonderful to read about this kind of intervention.

Joan Lennon said...

Look at the pride on their faces - thanks for sharing this!

Lynda Waterhouse said...

So great to read about a school embracing Reading Recovery when I have encountered so many Heads who falsely perceive it as 'expensive'(requires specialist teacher) and replace it with a phonics only programme. I have been an advocate for years. I have seen it transform so many children's lives.

Cavan Scott said...

Yes, I have to say, I was more than a little moved by it all. Was a great day.

Susan Price said...

As a new Patron of Reading, this is really inspiring!