Friday, 3 October 2014

Why Do I Write? - Heather Dyer

To learn what I think. 
To preserve beautiful moments or images. 
To understand. 
To discover truths. 
To make children laugh inwardly. 
To give children somewhere to go. 
For the pleasure of arranging words as precisely as musical notes. 
To feel as though I'm discovering the story that pre-exists. 
To feel I'm receiving communications from something bigger. 
To remember. 
To go on an adventure. 
To make something that reflects my self. 
To contribute something positive. 
Because when I was eight I was told I did it well. 
To make something that goes beyond me. 
To make something that lasts after me. 
Why do you write?


Nick Green said...

I write to comb the fleas from my subconscious.

Sue Purkiss said...

There are lots of reasons, aren't there? But I suppose the first one is that I feel better when I've written something, for one reason or another!