Monday, 21 April 2014

Anyone for Easter Solitaire? - Megan Rix

Did you know that there’s actually an Easter Solitaire game on the internet? I never let myself play games on my computer because I know it'd be too easy for me to get addicted and I'd end up spending all my days playing instead of writing. l don’t switch the TV on during the day either - for the same reason. :(

I was only looking up card games for this blog because I’d read that there are more ways to arrange a deck of cards than the number of atoms in the world!!!!?????!!!!

Quite often I hear authors say: l wanted to write a story about such and such eg. vampires (lions (hedgehogs) headless zombies / Cinderella etc etc but I didn’t because so and so had already done it.

But the thing is, I always want to say, the way you tell a story is personal to you. Even if you start off with the same characters you will end up with a different story by the end because your version is different to everyone else’s. There’s lots of lovely writing exercises at

Every character we write about has multiple choices to choose from and every plot a myriad of twists and turns.

There's a whole TV channel devoted to crime dramas and each of them are their own unique selves.


Just like the storyteller and the story.

Hope you all have/had a very happy and creative Easter break. I'm still dancing with joy at my first ever book award. 'The Victory Dogs' has won Stockton Children's Book of the Year for 2014. Many many thanks to all the children that voted for it. :)


Pippa Goodhart said...

What a very good point you make!
And, from a Stockton shortlisted author who didn't win it a few years ago, a hearty congratulations on that wonderful award!

Megan Rix said...

Thanks! The whole Stockton experience was so lovely and I was convinced I hadn't won. One of the children asked me how I'd feel if I won and I said there was no chance of that and then another boy chipped in with 'Don't be nervous Megan your book's bound to win.' Really pleased he got to be in the newspaper photo as he was my good luck charm. :)

Becca McCallum said...

Not had a particularly creative Easter, but going island hopping over the weekend and hoping that the Colonsay literary pub quiz will get the creative juices flowing..

(That story about the wee boy's comment is lovely!)