Friday, 13 December 2013

My Christmas Wish List by Karen King

With Christmas less than two weeks away I'm busy - as I'm sure you are too - with all the preparations. So far I've decorated three Christmas trees - one outside my husband's shop, one in our lounge and one in the conservatory. Here's a picture of the one outside the shop.

I've also been buying and wrapping presents. With four daughters, nine grandchildren and a great-grandson you can imagine how many presents I've had to wrap! "What do you want for Christmas?"  is a question I ask, and have been asked, constantly the last couple of weeks. Not that I 'buy to order' it's ideas I'm looking for. I know that it's the 'thought that counts' but I like to make sure that the presents I buy are things my family will like.

Which made me think of my own Christmas Wish List. My favourite presents are books and chocolate and I can guarantee on getting those every year. This year I also wanted a SatNav as I've just passed my test and and worry about getting lost. So, Dave, my husband, has bought me that. I've also said that I'd like something bright and easily recognisable to stick onto my car aerial so I can find it in the car park - I'm notorious for trying to get into the wrong car - so let's see if anyone comes up with that! Candles, pretty notebooks and pens are also things I like

And if money was no object a 'round the world' ticket for two would be brilliant!

What about you, what's on your Christmas Wish List?

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John Dougherty said...

Time! I'd like Father Christmas to leave me a large bag of time under the tree, labelled, "Only to be used for writing and family. DO NOT USE for administrative tasks."

Do you think that's likely?

Karen said...

Probably not. :) But I do agree, John. I never have enough time, I think that's the thing I hear most people say today.

Sue Hyams said...

Books, books, and more books. Oh, and Poppets made by Lisa Snellings. And notebooks. But then I buy those all year round!

Karen said...

Do you write in your new notebooks, Sue? I like to buy pretty ones then I don't want to spoil them by writing in them.

Jeff Salter said...

I'd like the gift John D. asked for. Plus, I'd be delighted to see the sales take off for my four published novels and two short novellas.
A few hundred positive reviews would also be cool.

Karen said...

Oh yes, definitely Jeff! Hope your wish comes true. :)

SherryGLoag said...

'Me' time if I'm selfish and family time otherwise. And like Jeff, a few million books sales and a few hundred book reviews :-) So... not much then :-) Happy holidays everyone.

Karen said...

'Me' time always seems selfish, doesn't it, Sherry? But we all need it. :)x