Friday, 6 December 2013

Man with a skate fish on his head by Lynda waterhouse

 The question we were considering was ‘Does modern art tell a story?’ We were lucky we had been given access to the Queens Gallery and the gifts given to the Queen by The Royal Academy in 2012.

‘We’ were twenty nine children from a Lambeth primary school and me. We stared at this drawing by John Bellany.
 ‘What can you see?’ I asked
A man with a mountain on his head.
A pirate with a home made hat
A man with a dead eye
Is that a stingray on his head? No it’s a skate I replied
Had the skate been blown out of the water by an explosion?
Was the man wearing the fish on his head to cure some terrible disease?
I wonder what they are saying to each other… I mused and the children wrote down some wonderful conversations.
Later on in the session we encountered this image created by Basil Beattie. Again I asked, ‘What can you see?’
There were twenty nine different answers including three sail boats, a tent, a prison searchlight, a doorway to the land of dreams, three old fashioned hats, a shark, a planetarium, the inside of a robot, a magical road, three Japanese bowls with a chip in them, the entrance to a secret cave.
Shall I tell you? I said pausing and milking the moment for dramatic effect…You are all right. The gasp of delight made my day. I'm still smiling now. What can you see?


ACK said...

view of the road behind you in the rearview mirror!

Joan Lennon said...

This is so cool - thank you for posting!

Dianne Hofmeyr said...

What a brilliant session this must have been. Wish I'd been one of the pupils. They probably have never spent a more creative day in their lives! What fun!
Modern day igloos with frozen liquorice strips around them???