Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Hooray I Did It!

Apologies for a non-writing related blog yet again - and also if you read my blog on Girls Heart Books a couple of weeks ago as you'll already know about this. In January I blogged on ABBA about trying to pass my driving test. Well I've done it! I can hardly believe it. After 17 attempts and goodness knows how many years I finally have my driving licence! Put out the flags, open the champagne. I'm celebrating big style!

Of course, now the problems start as I have to learn to find my way around and I'm notorious at getting lost. Even way back as a teenager I'd arrive home hours late because I'd got on the wrong bus home or got off at the wrong stop. Everywhere I go I get lost. So I'm going to have some fun in that car!  But I don't care. I'm finally finished with the L-Plates.

I've felt like giving up so many times but carried on trying and now I've succeeded. So that's made my year. What about you? Is there anything you've been trying to do for ages and finally managed to succeed at this year?

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E.Maree said...

Congratulations! That's fantastic news.

Richard said...

I found that it took around a year before I was capable of navigating and driving at the same time. Get a Sat Nav then you'll never be permanently lost and no matter how many turns you miss, it will calmly shrug its shoulders and tell you the next best route.

I took five attempts to pass and my fiance took six. I think those of us who benefited from all that extra tuition make better drivers than those lucky souls who sailed through the first time.

To answer your question, this year I got back into writing, and started to actually submit stuff. This forum plays a large part in keeping the motivation up. Thanks, all of you.

John Dougherty said...

Thank you, Richard - it's lovely to get that kind of feedback! Good luck with the submissions.

Dianne Hofmeyr said...

Great that you are back writing Richard! Good Luck on submissions.
And congratulations Karen! When I took driving lessons as my husband had given up on me, the instructor couldn't understand why I couldn't get the hang of reverse parking after 11 lessons. He asked what I did for a living and when I said I was a writer, he said that explained everything! Writers never stick to the same pattern. They're too creative.
But wonderful that you've passed. Yes celebrate!

Karen said...

Thanks for your comments,everyone.

Richard, I'm so pleased that you've got back into writing and that the ABBA forum has helped motivate you. Brilliant! All the very best with your writing. :)

Karen said...

How funny that you should say that Dianne, as I had trouble with my reverse parking too. I couldn't understand which way to turn the wheel when I was reversing. Now I know why"

Ann Evans said...

Congratulations Karen. It goes to show that perseverance does pay off. And not just with driving.

And Richard, good luck with your writing. It is good to know this blog is helping.

tracy alexander said...

My mum passed her test at the age of 60 after ten attempts. As a child I found her repeated failures really upsetting because living in the country I understood how different everything would be if she could drive. When I rang from a phone box in Leeds to find out (I was at university) and she told me the incredible news my friend Sarah and I bought a bottle of champagne and drank it in the street. My mum's 88 now and still driving. Enjoy it, Karen.

Nicola Morgan said...

Congratulations! And to Richard :)