Thursday 21 November 2013

Happy World Hello Day!

Did you know that the 21st of November is World Hello Day and has been for the past 41 years? It began in response to the conflict between Israel and Egypt in 1973 and is now observed by people in over 180 countries.

Anyone can participate in it by greeting ten people. This week I feel like I've greeted about 10,000 people. It started with a talk for 1500 children at Folkestone Literary Festival (divided into 2 sessions) not to mention the grown-ups! Then a visit to Brackenbury School to celebrate their new library with talks to 2 Year 6 groups. To be followed by an exciting afternoon today watching 25 teams compete in the Central England's Kids Lit Quiz heat at Kimbolton school.

Not only is the 21st November World Hello Day it's also the anniversary of the precursor to the Internet, the ARPANET's, first permanent link between UCLA and Stanford Research Institute in 1969. I don't know about you but the Internet's revolutionised my writing career and given me masses more opportunities than before.

The Internet's of course invaluable for getting 'the word' out fast - as was needed to collect money for the Philippines and other emergencies - both in big and small ways. It shows over and over, with a few not so nice exceptions, how people want to and try to help other people and animals. As soon as I heard of the Authors for Philippines auction I, like many others signed up and have been bidding and doing my best to help promote it ever since, even accepting an extra side bid from a cheeky Granny to give a talk at her Granddaughter's school. Luckily this week I've been out and about because usually my main companions are 2 dogs. The Internet made donating, giving and spreading the information easier and so much faster than pre-Internet days.

The Authors for Philippines auction officially ended at 8pm last night and raised over 55 thousand pounds. An amazing amount!!! Keren, Keris, Candy, Diane and Suzie, who set up the auction, are still hard at work organising the donation giving. On the British Red Cross website it states that £2 can buy a blanket to keep someone warm and £10 can buy a tarpaulin to make a temporary home.

Hope you have a great day and get to say hello in person or online to 10 people - old friends or new.

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Cleaning Peterborough said...

Nice post, good job:)

Penny Dolan said...

So very pleased to hear the auction went so well!