Thursday, 24 October 2013


Today  is a celebration of one of the most important reasons that children read: LAUGHTER!

It's often the funny books that get taken out of the libraries,  shared with friends, talked about, quoted, shown around and giggled over. So hooray for the dozen books that make up the SHORTLIST FOR THE 2013 ROALD DAHL FUNNY PRIZE!


Here's the list of titles, but beware! If you're someone who likes reading with a torch when you should be asleep, GROWN UPS CAN HEAR YOU LAUGHING!

 The Funniest Book for Children Aged Six and Under

  • Weasels by Elys Dolan (Nosy Crow)
  • Spaghetti With the Yeti by Adam and Charlotte Guillain, illustrated by Lee Wildish (Egmont)
  • Troll Swap by Leigh Hodgkinson (Nosy Crow)
  • Monkey Nut by Simon Rickerty (Simon and Schuster)
  • Do Not Enter the Monster Zoo by Amy Sparkes, illustrated by Sara Oglivie (Red Fox, Random House Children’s Books)
  • Noisy Bottoms by Sam Taplin, illustrated by Mark Chambers (Usborne)

The Funniest Book for Children Aged Seven to Fourteen

  • The Grunts All At Sea by Philip Ardagh, illustrated by Axel Sheffler (Nosy Crow)
  • My Parents Are Out of Control by Pete Johnson (Yearling, Random House Children’s Books)
  • Pants Are Everything by Mark Lowery (Scholastic)
  • Geek Girl by Holly Smale (HarperCollins)
  • Fish-Head Steve!  by Jamie Smart (David Fickling Books)
  • I Am Still Not a Loser by Jim Smith (Egmont, Jelly Pie) 


Emma Barnes said...

It's brilliant to see a prize that's all about humour - making the reader laugh is the hardest thing to do, and surely one of best things too!

Penny Dolan said...

Yes, a great collection.

These kinds of books are really useful for cheering up kids at times of stress and/or sadness, too.

Janet Noble said...

How do they decide the winning book - laughs per minute?

Janet Pamela said...

Or chuckles per chapter? (Sorry but this sooo much more fun than going to Sainsbury's!)