Sunday, 7 July 2013

Unleashed Gromits Add to Lack of Application

Gromit with a strawberry pelt
I’ve been pondering what to write while watching Del Potro trounce Ferrer. It occurs to me this may be one of my problems. The writing has to fit in. It’s not like I’m an A&E consultant, dashing off the odd chapter between a successful defibrillation and a neat tracheotomy. I have time, but lack the discipline to make the most of it. Even on those wonderful days when I know what’s coming next in my story, and am looking forward to writing it, I still find myself in the supermarket, cleaning the stove, feeding the Giant African Land Snail and staying to watch it eat lettuce, anything to avoid the study. There’s a force field, and until Scotty turns it off I can’t enter. Some days it’s stronger than others and I only manage to slide in after the Archers. On a good day, a nice cup of coffee about eleven seems to make the necessary chink in its defences.

A Gromit in Egyptian guise

Once in, I may stay some time. Unless the doorbell goes, or the phone. As soon as I step back into the communal areas of the house the force field springs back into action. If there are no interruptions, word count goes up. Excellent. So excellent, in fact, that after about an hour I deserve a break.That can take many forms, but often it’s a spin on my bike.

Gromit that looks like Elvis
Nothing but a Hound Dog
Exercise is good, because it doesn’t feel like time wasting. Deciding to make banana muffins is less positive, because if I go back in the study while they’re baking I might forget the time and they’ll burn. Better stay in the kitchen and do something mindless. The same applies if I deem the moment I could start writing as too near a mealtime. Better to delay until hunger is assuaged.

A Gromit covered in gold mosaic
Golden Gromit

A Gromit dressed as Superman by Subway
There are more problems. Having no structure (like this blog) means I am never free of the feeling I should be writing. Weekends and evenings are as likely to find me round-shoulderedly typing, as a Monday morning. Only on holiday do I actually leave the writing behind. I realise I could change this, at least ‘Keep Sunday Special’, but the up side is that some of the results from the odd hours I keep feel absolutely right. (Limp justification for chaotic approach. Wouldn’t win a debating competition.) 

It’s now Murray playing Verdasco. He’s two sets down and I can’t bear to watch. The bike is beckoning. And there are good reasons to get out and about in Bristol at the moment. We have eighty Gromits loose in the city. I’ve seen twenty, although suspect cycling behind the delivery truck is cheating.

Lots of Gromits on a delivery truck

Steam Dog
Any tips on how to better run my writing life will be earnestly considered. Although I’ll be on holiday, so they can wait for my return. In the meantime, please enjoy some of Gromits I’ve seen on my two-wheeled travels. All raising money for the Bristol Children’s Hospital. 
Get yourself to Bristol . . .


Sue Purkiss said...

Cycling behind the delivery lorry isn't cheating, it shows enterprise! (And was also another good avoidance technique!)

Heather Dyer said...

Rings so true. You're not alone!

Cathy Butler said...

I love this one by Temple Meads station...

JO said...

Such a relief I'm not the only one who does this. Most of the time I manage not to beat myself up about it, but sometimes I look back on a day and wonder where all those non-writing hours went! (Though some of them are lost with reading, which, I tell myself, is as essential as Grommit-hunting.

Penny Dolan said...

Ha ha! Cycling behind the lorry was a great idea - as well as a picture. Definitely not cheating.

Maybe even a metaphor for all the story ideas there before you that you'll write if and when you can just stop the wheels of everyday life turning?

Hmmmm. I may, myself, need to dwell on that a moment. The Many Dogs of Inspiration?

Hope your holiday does what you need it to do, Tracy! Thanks.

Nadia said...

It was brilliant to start the day with a sense of relief that I am not the only one who tries to avoid writing. My writing week just passed by and I only managed 1236 words which I probably have to rewrite again:(
Have a fab holiday.
Ps: There is one more thing that you can do to avoid writing: come over for a game of table tennis! xx