Wednesday, 10 July 2013

An Awfully Big Fourth Birthday

For our fourth birthday, on 10th July 2012, we took a look at our Top Ten Most Viewed Posts - except that we ended up with eleven, thanks to a very late entry. They were as follows:

10. Malaika Rose Stanley on mixed heritage
9. Ellen Renner on politics in the library
8. Keren David on Young Adult fiction
7. John Dougherty on Culture Minister Ed Vaizey
Newsflash! Late entry at number 8: Cathy Butler on recommending books for grown-ups
6. Nicola Morgan on supermarket book sales
5. Linda Strachan on making a living
4. Charlie (aka Cathy) Butler on privilege
3. Keren David on "women's" & "girl's" fiction prizes
2. Lucy Coats on Martin Amis
1. Appropriately enough, a birthday post - part of our second birthday celebrations, it was Gillian Philip on the filming of children's books

All the links take you to our birthday posts from last year, each of which contains a great big link to the post in question.

Of course, a year on things have change a little, so here's a update on our 10 most-viewed posts; as things now stand the chart reads:

10. Last year's no. 6, Nicola Morgan's Books, Bacon & Chain Booksellers
9. Last year's no. 5, Linda Strachan's Diversification, or How to survive as a writer
8. A steady non-mover since it shot into the most-viewed listings, it's Cathy Butler's Recommending Books for Grown-Ups
7. Last year's no. 4, Charlie (aka Cathy) Butler's You Don't Have to be Posh to be Privileged
6. Last year's no. 3, Keren David's Orange & Pink
5. Last year's no. 2, Lucy Coats's Martin Amis: A Response from a Children's Author
4. Posted in April 2012, Andrew Strong's Poetry for Children has clearly attracted a steady audience
3. From November 2012, Linda Waterhouse's Memory & Character
2. Last year's no. 1, Gillian Philip's Five Barnstorming Books-to-Movies
1. From September 2012, Lynda Waterhouse's The Guinea Pig Must Go

Oh - and if you missed it, today started with a birthday message from a very special reader of An Awfully Big Blog Adventure, none other than Children's Laureate Malorie Blackman. Do go and have a look if you haven't already seen it, and at all the rest of the day's birthday posts too.

Thanks to everyone who reads An Awfully Big Blog Adventure - you're the only reason we do this! Here's to the next twelve months - and happy birthday to us!

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