Thursday, 13 June 2013

Let me tell you a story

Story telling is an age old tradition. Long before stories were actually written down people sat around campfires listening to the story tellers weaving their tales. Even today, with ebooks, print books, the Internet and TV there's still something special about sitting down and listening to a story, especially for children. I love to see the expressions on the children's faces when I read out stories on school visits, they love to join in and shout out some of the phrases. It's always lots of fun and we all enjoy it. Not that I'm a professional story teller but I do my best.

And nothing beats a bedtime story. I remember my dad reading bedtime stories to us when we were little, and I did the same with my children. It's really comforting for a child to settle down and listen to a story being read aloud when they are tucked up in bed.

So I was delighted when I was approached by Kaz Coburn, a professional voice-over artist who works for Turquoise Radio, to ask if I wanted any of my children's books read out on the Kidz Time programme. I jumped at the chance. Turquoise Radio ( is a new internet radio with a worldwide audience and my books were scheduled to be read out between 7-8 pm. Perfect for bedtime listening!

She read out two of my earlier titles. The Gold Badge and Cosmic Whizz Kid in  April.

The Gold Badge is being repeated again tonight on Kidz Time between 7-8pm. So if you have time, tune in and cosy up to listen with your children. Hope you enjoy it!

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Ann Evans said...

You're so right about reading a story to children, Karen. Although now my youngest grandchildren tend to take over the reading to show me what good readers they are now! And going into schools and reading an extract of a story and watching the children's reaction out of the corner of your eye is just the best thing!

Penny Dolan said...

Congratulations, Karen. Hearing one of your own stories read really
well is like being given a gift. All good wishes to Turquoise Radio for having such a great (if not entirely new) story idea.

Karen said...

Thanks, Penny and Ann for your comments. :)

Alexis Takes said...

Thanks that was great follow my blog

pinkapple88 said...

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