Sunday, 13 January 2013

If At First You Don't Karen King

I've been making the same New Year's Resolution for the past few years, and that is to pass my driving test.  My next driving test will be my sixteenth and every New Year's Day I say this will be the year I succeed. "Gosh you must have spent a lot of money on driving lessons," my friends often say. I have but I try not to think about that. Instead I focus on the end result, of ripping up my L plates and driving around in my own little car.

Okay, maybe it won't be one quite like this!

It's the same with writing a book. If you think about all the hard work, time and effort you put into it and think that you might not even get it published then you will probably feel like giving up.

But if you focus on your dream, your published book on the shelves in the bookshop, then you will keep trying.  As Richard Bach  said 'a professional writer is an amateur who didn't quit'.

So I'm not going to up. How about you? Is there something you've been trying to do for a long time and still not succeeded yet? Or have you finally succeeded in something after a lot of time and effort?

Oh, and if you managed to pass your driving test after more than 15 attempts do let me know - it'll make me feel so much better!

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Carole Anne Carr said...

Good to hear you are not going to give up, Karen. After publishing four long children's novels have decided that 2013 shall be the year when I crawl out from under all the work I have to do as an indie publisher and find one to help me! So fingers crossed for us both!

Karen said...

Good luck, Carole. Hope we both succeed!

Ann Evans said...

Next time Karen, for sure!!
And you're write about perseverance. I truly believe that if you're dedicated enough and work hard enough, success will eventually come.
Good luck with the next test.

Karen said...

Thanks, Ann. :)