Thursday, 5 July 2012

Wickworth Manor - A Competition!

There's an arcane bylaw round these part that is rarely used, but I'm going to today because I'm super-excited. The bylaw is that if you have something interesting to say and it isn't your day to post, then you can say it after 3pm.

So, my interesting thing is, that to celebrate today's launch of The Mystery of Wickworth Manor I'm running a competition.The prize is a signed copy of the book, a signed poster and a badge set. There are five prizes to give away.

To enter, simply 'like' my Facebook Page. For those not yet old enough to be on Facebook/not into Facebook/hate Facebook, it is fine to persuade a friend/parent/guardian to enter on your behalf. On 19th July, I'll randomly select five 'likers'. The competition is open to anyone, anywhere in the world. Good luck!!

I'm not the only one with a book birthday today. Congratulations also to Sarah Hammond; Susie Day; Mary Hoffman; Kate Harrison; Jenny Colgan; Marcus Sedgewick; Jackie Marchant; Zoe Marriott; Sophie McKenzie; Mary Hooper... who've I missed?


Stroppy Author said...

Congratulations on your book birthday, Elen!

Linda said...

Congrats, Elen! And I will read 'Wickworth Manor' by hook or by crook, because I enjoyed the others so much!

By the way, how wonderful to have a series of covers that make your books so immediately recognisable.