Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Awfully Big Birthdays past, and more!

We hope you've enjoyed this ramble through a handful of our hundreds of posts. Any time you have a few minutes to spare, you're welcome to browse the blog archive on the right-hand sidebar - just click on a year, a month, and an intriguing title, and you're bound to enjoy yourself!

Or why not click on one of the labels underneath the archive, and pick a post from there?

We hope you will, and we hope you'll keep coming back to find out what's new here, too.

Thanks to everyone who contributes to An Awfully Big Blog Adventure, whether by writing for it or reading it. We're looking forward to the next twelve months of stimulating, provocative, instructive and whimsical entries - but as the sun sets on our fourth birthday celebrations, let us leave you with a reminder of how we celebrated the first three:

For our first birthday, back in 2009, we had a virtual party featuring guest posts, competitions, and games! You can find them by clicking on the link - if you want to read them in order you'll have to start at the bottom and scroll up.

For our second birthday celebrations all our contributors were invited to offer a Top Five connected to children's writing - and what a diverse group of lists we had! As you've seen, one of them is our most viewed post ever - but a click on the link will show you that the others are all worth visiting, too.

And of course, who could forget our third birthday and the amazing online LitFest? The link will take you to the first page of posts - I'm afraid that to see them in order, you'll have to scroll to the bottom, read up to the top, then go to the bottom again to click 'newer posts', and repeat... but you could just dip in.

Anyway, getting through that lot will take you to the end of the evening, so at this point we at An Awfully Big Blog Adventure would like to thank you for joining us on our fourth birthday. We look forward to your company all the way to the fifth and beyond!


Malaika said...

Thanks, John! You did a great job pulling everything together for ABBA's big 4th birthday celebration.

Catherine Butler said...

Hear, hear! A splendid job - well done, John.

Jenny Alexander said...

Fabulous - I call in every couple of weeks, and I read and enjoyed all of the top 10 as they came out. What a wonderful variety of tones, topics and voices.