Monday, 18 June 2012

Which Side of The Fence Do You Sit? - Lynne Garner

I've been teaching a course called 'Writing for Pleasure and Profit.' This week we discussed the many ways in which the writer can become published. We covered being traditionally published, being published by a packager, getting caught out by a vanity publisher, creating your own books in the form of eBooks and iBooks.

As we talked one of the students said she'd never dream of reading a book on an eReader. She was a book lover and would never change. Another student said they did all their reading on an eReader and didn't miss 'proper' books.

When asked my opinion I must admit I sat on that fence. I love the smell of an old book. I love the feel and sound of the pages as you turn them. When on holiday or out for the day I often pop into an old book shop to 'get my fix.' When you walk in the smell is just wonderful. So give me a good old fashioned paper based book any day.

However I own a Kindle. It was originally purchased to test the eBooks I was in the process of publishing. If you'd like to see my collection of eBooks click on this link.

Anyway I soon discovered I was converted to reading on an eReader. I know my eReader doesn't smell like a book.  It doesn't feel like a book. It doesn't sound like a book. However I can pop it into my bag and take it anywhere. I don't have to worry about the book mark falling out and I can take a library of books with me where ever I go. So if I want to read some fiction I can. If I want to do a little research and read a non-fiction title I can. So give me an eReader and I'm happy.  

So if you ask me which I prefer I'm sorry I simply can't decide. Which got me thinking. If I were to ask you which side of the fence do you sit when it comes to this subject what would your answer be?

A little note:
There is now a product that will make your eReader smell like a book - just click here if you don't believe me.

Lynne Garner

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JO said...

Print book for reading in bed, or by the fire, or in the bath. Kindle for travelling. So I love both!

Recent quote from Stephen Fry (on twitter) - something along the lines of escalators not making stairs redundant. Same can be said for Kindle. Not quite sure the simile works, but I can see what he means.

Penny Dolan said...

Good analogy, Jo. I have just got a kindle and am enjoying it for a) travelling with and b) getting hold of some o/p books that now only exist in kindle form.

I have recently read an article suggesting the opposite effect somewhere but I do find the screen/page slows down my too fast and greedy reading which is a good thing.

On the other hand, 3D books - as I've heard them called - are far more beautiful and varied and satisfying as objects. can't imagine giving someone a kindle token as a gift!

Ms. Yingling said...

It has nothing to do with the smell or feel of the book. I have a Nook with e-ink, and it's just harder to read on. The ARCs I get on it frequently have to be read in 8 point type, and the glare is bad. For travel, an e reader would be essential!

Katherine Roberts said...

I'm with Jo. Print for bedtime reading (because a page reflects light and my bedside lamp needs all the help it can get), Kindle for travelling.

At home (not in bed), I tend to read non-fiction on my Kindle, but prefer novels as paper books... though that might be because I read most of the novels in bed!

Catherine said...

I was totally against e-readers, but then I caved and got a Nook Tablet. I find it good for my subway commutes (and hopefully, plane trips) and generally for taking a ton of books with me without breaking my back. This in no way changes my love for paper books. There are still hundreds of books on my shelves at home, and that won't change. I refuse to call them Dead Tree Books. Love the Stephen Fry quote!

madwippitt said...

I love proper books.
And I really like my Kindle - instant access to a book if I've just finished one in a series and want the next one, easy to carry around, lots of freebies available, browsing extracts from the comfort of the sofa ... but if I had to choose between an ereader and a 'real' book it would be the paper sort every time. Feels nicer, looks nicer, I can lend it to my friends - and the battery never goes flat just as you get to a good bit. Oh, and I can drop it in the bath and although the pages go a bit crinkly, it will still work afterwards!

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